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Social Security Disability Appeals

If you have recently applied for benefits from Social Security Disability (SSD) but were denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. Although hiring an attorney to assist at the hearing is not required, it is highly advisable. Our firm can help you through the appeals process to pursue the benefits you deserve. We can work with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to improve your chance of having your claim approved. Speak with our Los Angeles attorney to gain valuable information and learn how our team can use our legal experience to prepare your case.

Benefitting from the Appeals Process

The first step in the appeals process is called reconsideration determination. In this step, your case is reviewed by someone who did not have any part in the original decision. Social Security will then send you a letter explaining how and why the decision was made. If you are not in agreement with that decision, you have the right to request a hearing. The hearing will take place before an administrative law judge. The next step is to have your request reviewed by the Appeals Council. You have 60 days after you receive the notice of Social Security's decision to request any type of appeal. If you appeal outside of this window of time, the Appeals Council can dismiss your request.

Legal Assistance from Our Los Angeles SSD Lawyer

You also have the right to legal representation when pursuing an appeal. At Warner Law Center, we can represent your case and provide the personal attention you require. Our Los Angeles Social Security Disability appeals lawyer has more than 20 years of experience handling Social Security appeals. We can use this experience to prepare a strong case on your behalf. Our firm strives to deliver more than is expected by the client. We can work toward developing a case that proves why you deserve Social Security Disability benefits. Take action today so that we can protect your rights and pursue the best possible result. Contact our firm now!

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